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How it Works

Broad network, well equipped workshop infrastructure, trained service professionals, helps us to provide an outstanding quality service to our customers.

Here's How BAT Inspection Helps You.

Car drop of and vehicle acceptance at BAT locations.


Car drop of and vehicle acceptance at BAT locations.


Observation during vehicle reception - Approval of requested and observation jobs.


Cost and time estimate of jobs requested and approved jobs.


Workshop observation and information on additional services or repair, detailing requirement reasons (Safety, preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance etc.).


Approval of additional jobs.


Job completion and information on vehicle readiness with details of final invoice.


Vehicle delivery with suggestions on unapproved repairs.

Brands We Work on

“Bahwan Automobiles Trading car service, repair all car brands and models at the most affordable prices in Oman.“

Why Choose us?


Honesty and Integrity are our Company’s values that we reflect in all actions we perform. To foster trust and customer loyalty, we provide Visibility and Accessibility to customer with information on actions performed or to be performed.

Tailor made

Each customer has specific needs and wants. We design flexibility options in systems and operation process, to customize to customer requirements matching deliverables of customer expectations.

Customer Oriented

Creating Customers for life is our company’s vision and “Customer first” is our business philosophy. We align customer needs with our business purpose and aim to be provide consistent improvisation in customer experience throughout the Customer’s journey and product life cycle.


Our services are desirable to customers for the reasons of value proposition on quality to the cost. Customization to customer needs, repairing only what is necessary, seeking customer consent on workshop observation to proceed and smart repair, largely helps us to be competitive in the market.


We highly value Customer’s time and effort expend on service. Our services are easy to access and facilities are in appropriate atmosphere. We are present even in remote and desert location. Appointments, package purchase and vehicle reception are digital. We also offer value added services such as pick and drop, alternate mobility, express service at a very reasonable cost.

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“Bahwan Automobiles Trading is proud to be associated with some well-known international brands”

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Car Services Questions and Answered at Bhawan Automobiles Trading

Cost to service a car may depend upon many factors including but not limited to customer service or repair requirements, Vehicle make, model and variant, type of services, scope of service, type of engine oil used, style and usage atmosphere. An average cost of a car service may vary from OMR 15 to OMR 60 depending upon the scope of service offered by us.

On vehicle reception or workshop observation, should there be an additional work requirement identified, BAT Service representative or advisor will provide an estimate of time and cost. An approval would be sought detailing the need and safety requirements if any. Performance of additional work will commence post customers approval.

We have flexible appointment options and scheduling, and rescheduling shall be done to your convenience. We recommend rescheduling of an appointment at least 24 hours before the scheduled service date.

Cancelation of service is possible util commencement of work. For unavoidable reason, should there be a situation to cancel the service in midst of ongoing repair, vehicle shall be delivered on a written customer request and charges would be made for the extent of repair performed.

On receipt of information on vehicle ready status and final invoice value, you may make payment through cash or by credit/debit card swipe or through online payment link. Vehicle shall be delivered on realization of payment or authorized payment confirmation.

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